Dior à Versailles Côté Jardins 2017 Tourmaline Pieces

Dior à Versailles jewel is extraordinarily beautiful. The 2017 release of Côté Jardins is of Tourmaline theme.

Gorgeous, bright and colorful — that’s what keeps us loyal to Dior. Charming flowers belong to every woman while shining  like diamonds is closer to dreams. This time, Dior gives you a chance to realize your dream with tempting diamonds and graceful design.

Among the jewels, you may see the charisma of luxury and find out your favourite one.

The main gemstone in this ring is a piece of top-class Paraiba Tourmaline.

Paraiba Tourmaline is the paragon of Brazilian tourmaline.

The color is attractive while the clarity is fair. Its cut is perfect. It looks like a pool of crystal clear water. The tourmaline is surrounded with emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond in various colors and shapes. It’s just as beautiful as a royal garden.

Imagine the weight you will carry, but it’s necessary. Beauty always carries weight. The ring can make you the queen of any occasion, glorious, impressive, unbelievably brilliant!

Together with this ring, the new release includes a pair of Paraiba Tourmaline earring.


The earring is made of white gold, yellow gold, black gold, tourmaline, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond. It looks just amazing.

Black and yellow is an excellent match your modern women. The two color indicates a mysterious glamour, so it always attracts designers for new inspirations. The gold used on earrings, under shining diamonds, is more like rosy, luxurious and top-class, so it’s perfect for women while attending important banquets.

Dior prefers the theme of nature. This time you also can see the green and pink combination, but it’s never gets dull. With fancy color and subtle details, the whole design is truly  fit for women, pleasing and tender. The curly lines of black gold adds a bit of sexy as well.