Children’s Favorite Desk Lamps

A desk lamp is a necessity in children’s room.When a kid wakes up , he prefers turning on the lamp  just with a slight stretch. Therefore, the desk lamp with touch sensitive would be a great gift for kids .

In general , a desk lamp is not the primary source of lighting in your room.

So it doesn’t need to be so bright. When you turn on a lamp in the dark, soft light from the lamp would be welcomed. Accordingly , the warm light lamp works better than the cold light lamp.

If the color is too bright, it will make kids so excited that they can’t fall asleep easily.  Lamps with simple and elegant colors are highly recommended. So children can stay in a good environment to go to sleep soon.

Cartoon satisfies every child in their favourite way.

As always, desk lamps with different cartoon images will warm and accompany children well. Kids will feel accompanied by those special friends even sleep alone.

We find these seven desk lamps may suitable for your kids , please check them out !


It’s a lovely rabbit lamp. Cute rabbits with red bow tie always remind us of fairy tales, and it will make a dreamlike night for kids.


This is a tree-like lamp with a monkey climbed.

You may find that many children like monkeys because of their smartness and liveliness. The light of faint yellow expresses quiet and it must do good for sleeping .


It’s a navy bear lamp with blue-and-white striped lampshade.

Have you noticed that? The hairy bear has light in his hands,and this little lamp will drive your kids to the sea of knowledge , the world of  imagination.

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