Modern Minimalist Style Decorative Painting

October 31, 2017

Decorative painting can change a room from bland to wonderful.  Less is more, the philosophy works well with young people. When decorating the house, nobody wants anything redundant. Yet sometimes, the house would look boring. One or two paintings will be the best way to solve the problem.

Of course, you can choose whatever style you prefer. Here’s some recommendation.

painting of modern style

Abstract painting or photo can enlarge the visual size of your rooms. With proper decorations, the whole setting can be fashionable and appealing.

Modern style paintings usually go with anything. Even if you’re not an art expert, you don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong one. Photos are now popular for better techniques, you pick some pleasing  black and white photos back home.

painting of nature themes

Landscape painting could be a good choice.  If you can, choose one with less than 3 colors. It will look nice in your house.

This one is more of Asian style. It require natural elements and simplicity is also recommended. The paintings are green and white, good for inner tranquility. If you prefer more healthy atmosphere at home, here is a nice choice.

separate painting of landscape

Several separate paintings make up a whole picture. It is a new trend.

Modern and delightful, it’s always nice to appreciate something exotic or cool at home. This painting is mainly about the endless ocean. Compared with indoor limited space, it gives you some spacious feeling and also  a wider vision.

Instead of traditional clocks or other decorations for walls, modern fancy paintings and photos are playing some important roles in our homes. On which occasion you may feel more relaxed? When you see a clock back home at the first sight ? Or some pleasing paintings waiting for you ? The answer is obivous.

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