Cute Birdcage Pendant

This birdcage pendant and necklace is exquisite and beautiful.  It’s made of solid gold and gemstones or natural pearl.
 Innovative design of pendants are welcome today since modern women are pursuing more stylish charisma. Beautiful gemstones are appealing while a distinctive design can outstand all the other jewels.
birdcage pendant
The necklace & birdcage are made of 18k solid gold, which is 75% gold. 18k gold is widely used in Italian crafts.
Every unique delicate cage is holding a gemstone, special and only chosen for you. It’s a chic and surprising  item for every modern woman. A definite collection on your jewel list!
bird cage
The Birdcage is carefully designed and can be easily opened.
Now people like to choose what fit them and what they prefer. This one can meet your needs. A tailor-made jewel itself has endless ideas and each one of them is designed for every customer and different mood.
birdcage with balls
You can choose your bead with your mood. You may match a silver cage with a red bead. It’s all up to you. There you are facing multiple choices and possibilities to express yourself. It’s always you that truly matters.
birdcage bead
Lovely, lovely!
Most colors provided are light ones, so they can enlighten your skin and make your clavical attractive.
If you are a young lady, you will look cute and energetic. If you are a more mature woman, this one can make you brilliant and shine with elegance.
yellow gold pearl
Yellow gold with pearl.
Pearl and gold bring women glamour and love.
rose gold with pink
Rose gold with rose quartz.
Pink and rosy always a wonderful choice for girls.
white gold with topaz
White gold with Topaz.
Blue topaz is a mystery, just like every woman.
yellow gold
Yellow gold with Amber.
With glorious gold and amber, you are the queen.
real size
The necklace with pendant sell for $200-$250, depending on the bead choice.

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