Cushions With Bright Colors

Cushions are especially disturbing in autumn and winter.

As the weather gets colder, our moods turn anxious and depressed to some degree.  At this moment, a colorful decoration in room will make your moods get into a better situation. Overwhelmed by various types showcasing on Debenhams or IKEA?

The following cushions may be good choices for you .


This combination includes yellow and khaki and these two colors modify each other .
On the one hand , khaki seems not that depress with the yellow . on the other hand , the khaki balances the yellow’s intensity.


This blue series consists of several fabrics and strings . it shows a low-key but advanced taste.

Today , most people in cities suffer from heavy stress and fast tempo. Therefore , we are so desperate for a quiet and serene place to relax ourselves. Then you must pay more attention to this concise and pure combination.

Blue is more likely to calm people down and eliminate the exhaustion of work.


Here comes the orange series.

Orange , a warm color , is able to make you positive and happy.  The cushions in the picture features rivet and leather ,which shows punk taste.
Moreover , the orange cushions in themselves are cool decorations for the home .

What a special Hermes style!


The style of these cushions  is concise and easy .
Black-gold match seems to imitate the classical  Versace . What’s more, It has the vivid embroider as well as the modern strings . The combination of these two elements is really fashionable.


If a place is full of bright yellow , it must make people feel quite relaxed and peaceful .  Following this design philosophy, the navy series really release its charm.
it’s a typical Nordic minimalism with concise and smooth lines.



Colors in this series are really dynamic.
Red , orange and yellow are so contrast while black ,white and grey looks more calm . In conclusion, it’s kind of American style.

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