Cushion my world

If you want something useful and decorating for your home, besides you don’t want to spend much, a cushion is one of the best alternatives.

A friend of mine loves travelling, she spends 90% of her money traveling around the world. Every place she goes, she brings back a cushion cover made of local fabric. When she comes back she stuffs the cushion, and put them on her sofa, chairs, bed, desk, floor, almost everywhere.

I somehow feel cushion is a small piece of art, too.  Today we’ve picked a lot of cushions in different styles.

The American style is very graceful, no matter vintage, country, or modern. You can actually find totally different looking patterns in American style, just like the multi-culture in this country. We respect each valuable style.

The Chinese style is characteristic and elegant. The problem is I’ve never seen a modern Chinese style, it has a long nice history, but not so much in modern.

The Italy style won my heart. From Valentino, to Gucci, From Dolce & Gabbana to Nina Ricci, I would say the spirit of Italy is like: I’m good looking, so I do whatever I like.  For unknown reason, I vote for it.

Some is saying, my blood is different, my blood is superior. That someone must be French.

I mean that’s Paris. They don’t say it but their eyes say so.