Nordic Style Coffee Table

People in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway have come up with some really ingenious ways of maximizing light all year round.  They are pros to lighten up winter home by using light, refreshing colors, clean-lined furnishings. Fortunately, in my country, winter isn’t that long. There’re more choices to colors. But the clean-lined furnishings are still worth learning from.Let’s see the coffee table.

Coffee table in walnut color and black color, with a foldable board, good for white and grey color background.

The foldable board is definitely a big advantage. Whenever you finish reading, you can put it back and enjoy your rest. It makes full use of space and therefore, has won many modern women’s heart.

Log color with bright yellow and brown makes the whole place full of life. 
This one is of Asian style, so you may feel cozy and free while sitting by it, putting your legs under table. With normcore style furniture around, you can have a vivid and natural atmosphere.

The walnut color balances the little green on the wall and sofa, makes the colors in harmony. 


Two-layer coffee table is convenient for those who need more space to organize things. The lower layer is designed like a log-raft, clever and fancy.

Classic white, black and grey. It can’t go wrong anywhere.

A unique style with two layers overlapping each other, this attracts much attention. It is recommended to nordic style home decoration.

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