Why celebrities all love this polka dot Peter Pan collar dress

In the royal portrait commemorating Prince Charles’s 70th birthday, Princess Kate, who is holding Prince Louis, wore a navy blue long-sleeve polka dot dress designed by British designer Alessandra Rich with white Peter Pan collar.

This dress has been popular this year. In July, Ivanka Trump wore this dress at an event in Iowa. Ivanka also wore a white wide belt to match the style of the cuffs and collar.

This dress costs $2,355, is quite expensive. Of course it’s not a problem to celebrities.

At the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Megan in May, Megan’s friend, Abigail Spencer, who starred in the American drama “Golden Lawyer”, wore this dress to attend the wedding.

Also Daisy Ridley from the Star War.

Christie Brinkley wore the same piece in April this year.

Sarah Jessica Parker also had a piece of this.

So, are you moved?