Can't take my eyes off you, cartoon pillows

We all know Japan is famous for its special type of films, do you know that Japan is also famous for its cartoon?

Yes, Japanese artists design people and animals in a very cute way, I’ll bet you’ve heard about Hello Kitty, right?

Now I’ve found some super lovely pillows in super lovely cartoon design that I want to show you.

Large, medium and small sizes of Polar bear, even from the picture you can feel have soft they’re.

I do want to have these four and put them with my window, kids will go crazy seeing them.

Now who wants to sleep next to a crocodile?


Oh, what did you guys do? Why is mom punishing you?

Get up, lazy babies!

You naughty bear, go to bed and close your eyes, it’s bed time!

Oh my …

In Japan, the society is aging. Many old people stay alone, it’s good for them to keep pets and even get pet pillows so that they can feel less lonely. The American society is getting aged, too. Such pillows are not only loved by kids, but the seniors.