Inexpensive Beauty Products With High Quality From Burt’s Bees

As a historic brand, Burt’s Bees has been rejuvenated in recent years.

With a philosophy of nature, Burt’s Bees  produces a lot of excellent skin care products. And in 2017, they has introduced the color makeup products in complete series , receiving lots of attention .

Bloggers have voted several Burt’s Bees’ products for the year’s single items. The most well-received three are listing below.  Then Let’s take a look.

Recommendation 1

Glossy Lipstick

This lipstick even gains the editors’ obsession from Allure ( an American women’s beauty magazine ) and scores 4.36 points at Influenster (a product discovery and reviews platform for consumers).

To be honest, if you prefer lip bam with gorgeous colors and good durability, you may ignore this one.

However , if you are looking for a lipstick that holds high humidity, silky feeling and more natural ingredients, then you cannot miss the glossy lipstick from Burt’s Bees .
Moreover, there is a small tip for you :   when you are using this lip , remember to use a liner or primer before, and its effect will upgrade.

Recommendation 2

Mattifying Powder Foundation

This foundation features 100% natural, non-comedogenic, oil-control, made from bamboo.

As we all know , bamboo plays a big role balancing oil and water of skin, moisturizing the skin and reducing oil secretion.  So you can imagine how popular it is among ladies with oily and mixed skin.

In addition , this foundation brings a good concealer effect and gives you a smooth and even skin tone.

Recommendation 3

Eyeliner Pencil

This eyeliner also attracts ladies’ attention.  It’s 99.9% natural, specifically formulated for your delicate eye area.
After adding the jojoba oil and mango oil , it glides and never tugs.  Jojoba, Mango and responsibly sourced Meadowfoam Seed Oils within this pencil are to help nourish your skin.  In a word , it’s really safe.

If you are going to buy those products , trust me , all recommendations here are worth a try!