A breath-taking ring

This is the most attractive ring among all the rings I’ve seen in the entire Oct, although there’re 10 more days to go.

Let me show you.

Okay, now tell me honestly, is there an impulse inside of you to take the ring off the model’s hand and put it on your nice fingers?

Obviously it’s a pearl ring, the center pearl is a big golden pearl from South sea. The pearl is big, shining, smooth as a baby’s skin, and perfectly round. The color is deep golden, not a light golden, which is the best quality in South sea pearls.

There’s some small white pearls accompanying the golden pearl, these small pearls are also South sea pearls, round, shining. You might think small pearls are cheap, they’re not. In modern design, ladies especially working ladies prefer pearl necklaces made of small but perfect pearls, they like wearing such a necklace at work, which makes them not looking dim, but also not looking arrogant. The necklaces made of perfect small pearls are expensive.

The green gemstones, are shavreshi. Shavreshi is a kind of garnet, it’s in bright green, transparent, high refractive which meaning super shining. Shavreshi is now the new love of top jewelry brands, like Tiffany. The shavreshi makes this ring’s beauty in a good balance.

More pictures for you.

See, my jewel never disappoints you.