Benu: a popular Michelin 3-star restaurant in San Francisco

Benu, a famous Michelin 3-star restaurant located in San Francisco, has achieved great success since it was established and got a 4-star review from the San Francisco Chronicle.

The restaurant was headed up by Korean born, American raised chef, Corey Lee, who once served in The French Laundry of Napa Valley, after which, he opened Benu and started his unique business of taste.

Here in Benu, you can enjoy the exquisite fresh sense from Valley Napa and French gardens. What’s more, Lee shares his special background with you through those creative Asian inspired American cuisines. The different seasoning, the influence of kung-fu films, and his memory, all are bearing on the food at Benu.

Every dish on Benu tasting menu are very delicate and the menu is changing every season for its strict demand of fresh ingredients.

Today we are gonna recommend some amazing specialty from Benu.

1. Whiting, horseradish, cherry blossom
A changed Japanese tempura ,with fascinating shape, you may imagine the beautiful sakura at the foot of Mountain Fuji.

2. Frog leg, mountain yam, celtuce
The first taste of the frog leg is light and gentle, no raw flavor. Matched with mountain yam and celtuce, you can smell something pleasant and natural. At the end you will surprised for the taste of frog meat similar to that of some delicious crab.

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