Cool Anti-aging Beauty Devices For The High-tech Connoisseur

November 8, 2017


Exideal uses 280 LED lights and 10 modes that vary in both patterns and intensity in an attempt to promote a healthy mind as well as “permeate the vitamins and collagen in your skin and make you beautiful from the inside.”


TYPE 3 : Radio Frequency

TriPollar Pose

TriPollar Pose promises to shrink fat cells. And it decreases body circumference and improves the appearance of cellulite using radio frequency.


TYPE 4 : Laser

Tria Age-Defying Laser

Tria Age-Defying Laser is a FDA cleared device. On the whole, a younger-looking skin needs enough collagen and elastin.  So many people become fans of  this device for its collagen and elastin promotion.

So which is your favorite?  If you are tired of going out to the beauty salons, you can take a try !

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