Seven Most Effective Anti-Aging Weapons!

If you take aging as an enemy, you’d better prepare anti-aging weapons ahead of time. So it is necessary to supply something. And the following 7 ingredients is a good start in your anti-aging weapon room.

No.1 Collagen
Collagen is a protein in our body. And we can find it in the skin, bones, joints, hair and so on. In general, it decides flexibility and elasticity of our skin and body. If you lose collagen, your skin will get loose.

We can get collagen from chicken cartilage, pig skin and fish skins.

No.2 Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid is abundant when you are a baby, and it decreases as you grow.  And it plays an important role in feeding more water to skin.

In a word, it is just like a sponge in your body. For example, 1gram of hyaluronic acid can absorb 6 liters water. Compared with eating, it is more effective to keep skin moist originally.

No.3 Elastin
Elastin plays a role like a sturdy rubber that supports fixing the collagen. If it decreases, sagging and wrinkles are on the rise.
Besides, the elastin is active to maintain the elasticity of the organ in the ligament, the cartilage, the womb, and the lungs.

No.4 Retinol (vitamin A)
If your skin texture is trimmed , then you should say thanks to the vitamin A.
Vitamin A has a lot of functions. Firstly, it reduces active oxygen. The second, it prevents inflammation. Finally, it helps relieve eye fatigue.

We usually can get it from carrots and chrysanthemum. In addition, vitamin A is included in eels and levers.


No.5 Vitamin C
When you seem to catch a cold, vitamin C is beneficial.

As we all know, vitamin C improve immunity and makes people white. In addition, it offers anti-oxidation effect, namely, anti-aging.
Vitamin C is included in fruits and vegetables, and supplements can be taken easily.


No.6 Ceramide
Ceramide acts like a lubricant that connects cells to cells. It protects the skin from dryness and wrinkles. Also, it stops your skin from bacterial infections.
In general, we can get it from rice, wheat, and soybeans.


No.7 Amino acid

Amino acids are a kind of original protein . When it decreases, it brings wrinkle and slack.

A balanced diet is necessary,including vegetables, fruits, fish, and cereals. Also, we need to eat meat two to three times a week.