What Is Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging appears almost everywhere in our life. However, do you really know exactly the anti-aging explanation? What is anti-aging?

To put it simply, anti-aging is resistant to aging.

Although the most component of our body is water, the amount of water in the body decreases by aging.
For example, in terms of one’s weight, about 75% of a newborn is water, whereas adult men and women are about 60%, and the senior generation decreases to about 50%. This may be the simplest anti-aging explanation in terms of water content in physiology.

In a word, growing up deprives the firmness and moisture from our body. The basic reason of this slack phenomenon turns out to be gravity, the simplest anti-aging explanation in physics as well.

But for ordinary people, we could think about the aging formation referring to the following explanations.

Causes of aging

When it comes to the aging of the skin, there are three influences worth our attention, “oxidation”, “hormone reduction” and “mental”.

1. Oxide

If some bacteria and viruses invade our body, this process will trigger excess active oxygen to fight them. To our relief, our body get safe. However, it’s not good for our skin in the long run.
Oxidized cells cause skin problems such as wrinkles, blemishes and sagging.


2. Hormone reduction

The secretion of the hormone is necessary to keep youth. For example, growth hormone and thyroid hormone decrease with age.

Conversely, some hormones function to promote aging, such as adrenal cortex hormone and thyroid stimulation hormone.
They increase with age.

3. Mental

Emotions play a vital role in life for all of us, including “joy”, “anger,” “disgust”, “sadness”, and “fear”.
The five basic types constitute a balance within our body. But the balance will break by some factors some time, making it easier to accelerate aging.

Anti-aging and diet

It is effective to attend a fitness gym for anti-aging, but anti-aging prevention should not put the diet aside.