Anti-aging and AGE

What is anti-aging?

It’s easy to get it. If you are trying to avoid menopause, osteoporosis, presbyopia, cataract, deafness, stains, and wrinkles, you are doing anti-aging.To sum up, anti-aging is an effective way of exercising, mental care, and drug therapy to minimize these symptoms as much as possible.

Who should be to blame for this aging? In fact, it has become clear in recent studies that “AGE” is involved in our body’s aging mechanism. And it is important to avoid increasing AGE for anti-aging.

So here is another  problem: what is AGE?
AGE is short for advanced glycation end-products. It is a “Doomsday Saccharification product”.”Saccharification” is a bad process. To make the long story short, some sugar molecules kidnap proteins and make them can’t work as before and change into AGE.

As we all know, protein is so important for skin firmness. If you get more AGE, it means you lose more proteins. Finally, your skin is aging and slacking.

Moreover, AGE is really a trouble. Because it just continues accumulating without decomposing inside our bodies.

What can accelerate Saccharification?
There is a “high blood sugar” factor to accelerate the saccharification. Here we say high blood sugar doesn’t equal to the same one of diabetic persons.

As a matter of fact, it’s common in our life. For example, you blood sugar increases fast after meals. Besides, biscuits, cakes and disserts also leads to high blood sugar. We usually call those food causing high blood sugar high GI food.

In brief, a young skin should stay away from high GI food such as refined flour. On the other hand, vegetables, soybean and whole grain bread are with low GI, helpful to anti-aging.

In a word, we can say that saccharification is the enemy of beauty. If you want to avoid AGE’s increasing, it is best for you to prevent the saccharification!