8 Most Expensive Hamburgers in the world

We have plenty of types of hamburgers to choose every day. And we always want more. How many ways can we make out of hamburger?

Here are 8 most expensive hamburgers. Enough to feed your eyes?


Name: The Grand Burger
Place: McGuire Irish Pub,California
Price: $100

McGuire Irish Pub chose top-class FILET as basic ingredient for their hamburgers. You can pick your favorite sauce and fresh vegetables. Expensive? Well, the restaurant will give you a bottle of Moët champaign as a gift. So it’s not that dear, right?


Name: DB Royale Double Truffle Burger
Place: DB Bistro Moderne, New York City
Price: $140

Luxury ingredients mean high price. DB Bistro Moderne knows so they chose SIRLOIN and Truffle to make a luxury hamburger. Oh, foie gras is spread over the Sirloin to satisfy your taste.

Name: Le Burger Extravagant
Place: Serendipity 3,New York City
Price: $295

More luxury ingredients are used here——white truffle butter, caviar, cheddar, and truffle! Some gold foil is sprinkled on the surface. What a burger!

Name: 777 Burger
Place: Paris Las Vegas, Las Vegas
Price: $777

Name as it price, that’s Las Vegas! The 777-dollar contains Kobe beef, large lobster, Brie, pama and vinegar made in hundred-year-old barrels. Every bite costs money!

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