6 Books For Small Business Owners

If you ask the most successful men in this world about the secret of success, 99% of them will tell you to read more. Yes, reading good books are the way to improve yourself.

From science to productivity, from managing process to managing people, from investment to financing, good books always inspire you. Here is a list of must-read to your book list.

Tribes by Seith Godin 2008

Tribes is one of the bestseller in business management. The book touches base on the importance of building a community of like-minded clients/consumers/partners, this is a guide on the relationship building for the leaders.

Drop the ball by Tiffany Dufu 2017

Drop the ball is a fantastic guide for learning how to drop the things that don’t feed you or your target. A lot of people can be stuck on too many things for too long that they start to lose control of it. Tiffany tells her own story and shows how to drop those heavy bearing and regain the focus on your target.

Thanks for the feedback by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen 2015

As a business owner, you deal with a lot of setbacks, failures and rejections. Learning how to receive feedback is a positive and constructive way. The feedback can be tough, but it’s important to learn the skills how to get the constructive points from the feedback and move on.

Think, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman 2013

Your brain informs you what to do, you believe you’re doing right because your brain thinks so. But there’s a pattern you brain works. If you understand how a brain typically works, you’ll know how to control your thoughts.

Everyday bias by Howard. J. Ross 2014

Everyone carries a bias, consciously or not. In this book, Howard. Ross discusses the nature of bias, how to be aware of the bias, and how to manage it.

Start with why by Simon Sinek 2009

“What is your why?”

If you’re doing something that’s important to you, you’ve got to think it through why you do it. Knowing why makes you more active in solving problem.s