3ct Yellow Diamond Ring - OMG

What I’ve spotted for you today?

It’s a huge yellow diamond ring. When I was at the studio, the ring just caught my eyes and took my breath. I’ll show you a picture so you can feel what I was feeling.

See, this is exactly what I saw. The center stone is 3ct, in fancy light yellow. But the ring doesn’t look light at all, since yellow gold was used in the setting, the center diamond looks just like the color of fancy yellow, it’s such an astonishing color, and so huge.

Around the center diamond, there’re white diamond, with very good quality, very white and shining.

This diamond is in a bi-way setting, you can wear it as a ring, or take it off as a pendant. Amazing right? This can earn you so many eye balls. Let them be jealous, I enjoy this feeling. Why? I work hard, I make money, I buy my own jewelry, I’m worth it.

This is how it looks on me.

Please ignore the wound in my hands, this wound proves I work hard.