Rachel Always in Trend

I bet you all know the famous US sitcom – Friends. It was really popular more than 10 years ago. Some of you must had a beautiful memory with it.

Rachel Green is a character in it. The well-known actress Jennifer Aniston played the role. Despite other emotional feelings, one of the points I got from this sictom is that Rachel’s dressing always stays in vogue. Even today many magazines and fashion sites use her ways of dressing as examples. I have to say the custome stylist of this TV series really has the foresight in fashion.

The purplr hoodie with the pattern of the Star-Spangled Banner on it and the black long slip dress she wears in the picture are still in trend now.

Hoodie is a casual dress. You can match it with a skirt or a pair of trousers. Both serve your aim of being fair well. But there is one thing you have to  pay attention to Рtoo many colors will ruin the sense of leisure.

As for slip dresses, we have come back to 1990s. The one Rachel wears in the previous picture is tight, so it shows her shape well. Though the above one isn’t tight, it still brings a similar result. You will look tall and slim in the long black slip dress. In this case, you must remember to wear a tight T-shirt or a thin knit inside it.

Overalls of the 90s have also come back in trend again.

They are casual but sustain some sort of shape. The best way is to put a T-shirt on before wearing it. After wrapping yourself in it, you will find yourself younger and lovelier. You may have noticed that many stars wear overalls in their street snaps.