10 Best Pizza restaurants

Pizza is a good way to make friends. Sharing happiness of taste is beyond boundaries and nations.Here are 10 best pizza around the world, both delicious and fair.

1.Pizzeria Mozza
Los Angeles
All pizzas here are wood grilled. You can smell the fragrance of natural wood, which has fully melted in the cuisine. Its toppings are fresh and delicately matched. Pizzeria Mozza is well-known among local people.

2. L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele
Naples is the origin of pizza. This restaurant has a long history. In 1870 it opened and was run by a family. The pizza served here is delicacy! Queen Margaret once came here in 1889 and loved it. Today you can also taste the pizza that was loved by the queen.

3. Pizza Pilgrims
It’s founded by two brothers, who went to Italy to learn how to make superb pizzas. They serve in a van and often move from one place to another. They ‘ve open a restaurant in the west zone of London!

4. Frank Pepe Pizzeria
New Haven,Connecticut
This one is old style. In 1925 Frank Pepe, an Italian immigrant, opened Frank Pepe Pizzeria. They focused on two traditional thin pizzas. Today you can have various types of course. The hot one is still traditional tomato.

5. Pizzeria Starita A Materdei
Another old restaurant, founded in 1901, run by a family. The topping here never lets you down, good taste and great amount.


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